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The Sacristy is located behind the Sanctuary. The vessels, candles, vestments and linens used on the Altar are stored in the Sacristy. Sacristans set up for Mass, ensuring that the chalice, hosts and wine are prepared and available for use at Mass.

Guidelines for Preparation of Gifts

  1. Turn on lights and PA system (including lights at the front door and balcony).
  2. Replace candles at Tabernacle, altar and devotional candles when needed. Please check the devotional candles on a regular basis due to the danger of them melting or causing a potential fire.
  3. Refill Holy Water fonts at entrances when necessary.
  4. Replace any linens if necessary, and place in dirty laundry bag in cupboard. The clean linens are in the drawer; marked accordingly.
  5. Sacristans will change the color of the altar cloths (including the credence and tabernacle tables) when necessary prior to Mass and then change them back to the proper color (Done by the head sacristan).
  6. Adjust ribbons in the Sacramental and Lectionary to the correct place if not done by the Pastor.
  7. Place key in Tabernacle.
  8. The hosts in the Tabernacle are consecrated. They are NOT to be removed at any time during the preparation nor are they to be added to. Unconsecrated hosts from the fridge are to be put out into the ciboriums in sufficient quantities to be consecrated at Mass.
  9. During the week we are to put out a ciborium with host in numbers to suit the numbers attending that Mass.
  10. Please place in the following order on Chalice: Chalice with Purificator (rectangle cloth with red cross) draped over it. Then the Paten (gold plate) with large host. Then the Pall (plastic covered in cloth with fancy embroidered red cross) and finally the Corporal (folded square cloth with red cross).
  11. Place on the credence table: extra hosts if needed, the Chalice (see above), 2 silver chalices with 1 purificator and the finger bowl and towel.
  12. Place the following on the table at the entrance: a lidded ciborium, water cruet and the wine cruet or flagon filled to appropriate mark. During the weekday Masses the vessels remain on the credence table as there is no presentation except for special occasions such as Ash Wednesday.
  13. The water cruet is to be left on top of the fridge during the winter at room temperature.
  14. Water bowl and finger towel should be placed on the credence table near the piano (for the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist to purify their finger after distribution of Holy Communion).
  15. After the 4:30 pm., 10:45 am. and weekday Masses, place key for the Tabernacle in cupboard above counter top where the vessels are stored).
  16. Turn off PA system after Mass and lights if you are the last to leave.