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The Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

The Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist play an important role in the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist. They assist the priest in distributing the Eucharist. Minister of the Holy Eucharist must be over the age of sixteen and have been confirmed. Training sessions are provided. Anyone who feels called to this ministry is most welcome to join.


  1. The Eucharistic Minister is to proceed to the sanctuary immediately after the sign of peace. (It would be ideal if you sat near the front on the choir side of the church along the windows.)
  2. Genuflect before going up the steps.
  3. Proceed to the credence table under Holy Oils and sanitize your hands.
  4. After Lamb of God kneel if you are able, otherwise bow your head.
  5. Stand after the priest has taken the Body & Blood of Christ.
  6. Once you have received communion and Fr. hands you the ciborium, proceed to give communion to the musicians. When you come down the steps, check to see if there are any handicapped in the front pews. If so, give them communion in their pew.
  7. When distributing communion, hold the host up, make eye contact with the person, then say "The Body of Christ". Place either in hand or on tongue (carefully).
  8. If someone approaches with arms folded across chest (not receiving communion), simply say "May Jesus bless you". Do not make sign of the cross either on their forehead or over them. (Only clergy are permitted to do this.)
  9. If someone approaches with a PYX, ask them to see Father at the end of Mass.
  10. If a host falls on the floor, gently pick it up and put it on the corporal on the altar, or consume it if you are comfortable doing so.
  11. Once your line is finished, proceed to the altar (even if Father's line is not finished), place your ciborium on the corporal (square white cloth in center) and proceed back to the credence table. Dip your fingers in the fingerbowl and dry with cloth provided.
  12. Return to your pew.