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The Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist

The Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist play an important role in the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist. They assist the priest in distributing the Eucharist under species of either bread or wine. Minister of the Holy Eucharist must be over the age of sixteen and have been confirmed. Training sessions are provided. Anyone who feels called to this ministry is most welcome to join.


  1. Ministers will proceed to the center aisle in front of the altar at the beginning of the Lamb of God immediately following the exchange of peace. Bow heads together and proceed to designated positions on altar (left position is the choir side and right is the lectern side. All Ministers are to use the antibacterial handwash discreetly.
  2. After receiving the Body and Blood of Christ, the Center and Left will remain close to the altar so that the choir director, musicians and members will be able to step forward, receive and move back to their places. At this time the Presider and Right Eucharistic Minister will serve the lectors and commentator. The Presider and Center Eucharistic Minister will meet at the center aisle, while the Left Eucharistic Minister will be standing at the step of the Sanctuary in line with the choir director’s bench. The Right Eucharistic Minister will be at the step of the Sanctuary in front of the lectern.
  3. Those in wheelchairs are to receive next. The Center Eucharistic Minister (with the consecrated hosts) serves first, then the Left Eucharistic Minister (with the Precious Blood).
  4. Left and Right are asked to turn toward (face) the center to allow as much room as possible for those passing by.
  5. When distributing communion raise the host slightly above the ciborium, make eye contact and say: "The Body of Christ". When serving the cup, make eye contact and say: "The Blood of Christ". The recipients should reply: "Amen". Wipe the chalice with the purificator and turn it slightly for the next person to sip.
  6. For those who approach with arms crossed or small children, Ministers with the hosts may trace the sign of the cross on their forehead and say: "May God bless you". Do not make a large sign of the cross with the hand. If possible, use your other hand to avoid contaminating your fingers used to distribute the host.
  7. Left and Right (cups) will take their chalices to the altar. Either the Deacon or the Priest consumes the remaining Precious Blood. Then proceed to the center aisle. Bow together and return to your seats.
  8. Left, Right and Center will return their consecrated hosts to the altar. They will then proceed to the center aisle, bow together and return to their seats.
  9. Please contact a replacement if you are unable to honour your scheduled time. If you cannot find a replacement please call another minister scheduled for that Mass. Replacement please identify yourself to those serving prior to Mass. This will avoid confusion.
  10. If there is an accident and the Precious Blood is spilt, try to soak up the spot as best you can with the purificator. Leave the soiled purificator in place for a moment and get another clean one. Replace the purificator with a clean one (on top of the area) so that people will not walk there. After Mass, Father will clean the area appropriately. Please do not panic, but use common sense.