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Glossary of Terms

  • The ALB: A long white linen garment reaching to the feet.
  • The CINCTURE: The cord used as a belt around the alb.
  • The CHALICE: A cup of precious metal (the inside must be gold) that holds the wine consecrated at Mass.
  • The PATEN: A small plate of precious metal that holds the Sacred Host.
  • The CIBORIUM: A large cup of precious metal with a cover that contains the hosts consecrated for Holy Communion.
  • The PURIFICATOR: The small linen cloths used by the priest to dry his fingers and the chalice.
  • The CORPORAL: The linen cloth on the altar where the priest sets the chalice and the host.
  • The PALL: A small square of stiffened linen used to cover the chalice.
  • The CRUETS: The containers for the wine and water.
  • The BASIN: Used when the priest washes his fingers.
  • The CREDENCE TABLE: The small table at the side of the altar where items that are to be used during the Mass are put.
  • The SACRISTY: The room behind the altar.
  • The TABERNACLE: The receptacle where consecrated hosts are kept.